Sudanese Liquid Air Company Ltd.

Our business

Sudanese Liquid Air has more than ten sales locations within Sudan and supplies in excess of 10,000 customers across industries as diverse as steel, hospitals and health centres, food and beverage, laboratories and intensive care units. In order to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients in Sudan and neighbouring countries, SLA is structured and subdivided into units.


Industrial merchant - Gases for every application

Optimising production processes, ensuring first-class environments in support of health and safety measures, and enhancing the quality of products are just some of the major challenges faced by manufacturers around the world. Sudanese Liquid Air is an essential support to a wide network of businesses by providing them with gases that are essential to their operations.

SLA provides gases in a two different forms - either pressurised in cylinders, or in a liquid state in storage tanks. The gases can be used in a wide range of processes such as for freezing, water treatment, and to create controlled atmospheres. Our customers and clients operating in these fields can be grouped into five domains: automotive and manufacturing, craftsmen and distributors, food and pharmaceuticals, materials and energy, technology and research. 


Large industries - Taking the long view

Liquid Air provides gases to industrial clients in the refining, chemicals, energy and metallurgical industries - where specific gases are vital to production processes. SLA’s gas and energy solutions enable businesses to balance optimal productivity with respect for the environment.

SLA works successfully with large industries by drawing on its historic expertise and utilising technologies of the future. Our presence and reputation has been established in Sudan through providing a unique and comprehensive range of products to extensive sales points.

This presence is strengthened by the company’s vast and valuable network, which allows Liquid Air to meet the air and chemical gas requirements of major customers in some of Sudan’s largest industrial basins, including oil fields in Western and Southern Sudan.

Healthcare - Better living through better breathing

SLA provides medical products and services that contribute to improving a patient’s quality of life, both in the home or in hospital. Gases are used for a variety of functions, for example for anesthesia, assisted ventilation and easing certain pains.

Liquid Air is proud to provide all of Sudan’s hospitals with medical gases and related medical equipment. These products ensure that medical procedures go smoothly, especially in highly sensitive areas such as operating rooms, emergency care and intensive care units. 


Related activities:
Liquid Air has developed a series of complementary activities based on the gas business.

Liquid Air offers a range of varied, innovative welding and metal cutting solutions in robotics, consumables and protective equipment, responding to the specific technological challenges faced by its customers, and providing all related new international technologies. 

Safety & Fire Fighting
Liquid Air Safety Division was established in order to meet our gas and welding customers' specialist individual requirements relating to safety and firefighting systems. SLA strives to be recognised by our values of competence, integrity, and as valued contributors to both our customers and our wider community. Liquid Air seeks to generate a culture of safety which matches the international standards of our brands and HSE solutions.

SLA statistics:

  • 61 years of experience in manufacturing industrial and medical gases
  • 14 points of sale and showrooms in Sudan and abroad
  • 10,000 customers across various industries and healthcare activities
  • 2000m3/hr: production rate of air gases
  • 1: SLA are the only specialised welding center in Sudan
  • 3 neighbouring countries are using Liquid Air products

Our history

Sudanese Liquid Air Co. Ltd. or ‘SLA’ was established in 1949 as L'Air Liquide-Soudan, a branch

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Our business

Sudanese Liquid Air has more than ten sales locations within Sudan and supplies in excess of 10,000

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Our objective

Customer service and satisfaction is our prime objective. This is achieved by focusing on three

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Quality policy


  • We, the all-inclusive employees of

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Our vision

Liquid Air touches the lives of thousands of people in Sudan every day. Whether it is a welder

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